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About Julia 

Having originally grown up in Seoul, South Korea, I left for the USA in 2015 following my dream of beginning a career as an Illustrator.

Prior to moving to the USA, I received my bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design at Ewha Woman's University, located in Seoul, South Korea, and during this time I also worked in several fashion industry related occupations.

While studying at SCAD I have contributed multiple editorial illustrations to SCAD SCAN Magazine and Her Campus Magazine, I took on an assistant professor role for the class Book Illustration, and during the summer of 2017 I also completed an internship for the fabric design company Cotton and Steel, based in Atlanta.

My portrait illustration mostly focuses on women and concepts of feminine beauty. I try to portray the true inner beauty of a woman’s femininity as opposed to how women have historically been depicted by society.

To best illustrate my concepts of feminine beauty I primarily use watercolors in my work. I believe that watercolor is an amazing material to utilize because the unexpected watermarks help to accentuate the authentic natural beauty I am attempting to convey. I have enjoyed spending countless hours learning to control the timing and the amount of water used to a level of precision that I believe is the key to achieving the ideal textures in my illustrations.

I also love honing my skills of combining traditional materials with new digital methods to create multiple textured artwork.

In my spare time I enjoy illustrating my ideas of life, love, and fashion to share on my Instagram. I believe illustration can soothe peoples’ minds and act as a form of therapy to heal inner wounds. Just as music can speak to peoples’ hearts,I believe illustration can also connect deeply to a person’s heart and emotions.

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Instagram : juliayoon_illustration

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